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Music Stuff

Here are some of the groups I am currently active with, along with some demo recordings showing my playing.
All of these groups are also available for hire.
Hear something you like? Contact me for booking information.

The Sounds of Power
What a fun band to play drums in! Full rhythm section with four horns and three singers playing rock and lots of R&B.
DEMO MP3 link Right click to download

Party of Four
Pop/R&B/Soul quartet.
DEMO MP3 link Right click to download

Just Friends
Just Friends is my own jazz group. The number of members can vary from gig to gig, but here I am playing vibes, not drums.
I still remember the first time I performed with someone else playing drumset! Very different...
This recording is a trio featuring myself on vibes, Brian Rooney on bass, and Tommy Peters on guitar.
DEMO MP3 link Right click to download

Kelly McGuire - http://www.redfishisland.com
Kelly is a very busy singer/songwriter. In our first phone call, Kelly described his music to me as "Jimmy Buffett meets the Gulf Coast". When he uses a full band, I play hand percussion (congas, bongos, shakers, tambourine, etc...) and use my favorite toy - a MIDI " xylophone" called the MalletKAT - to play vibes, marimba, steel pan, and organ.
A picture of my Kelly McGuire setup is on the lessons page. Another masochistic setup that is WAY more fun to play than to carry.

Rob Erickson Trio
Very flexible jazz trio featuring Rob Erickson (piano), Bobby McDonald (bass) and myself on drums. We often back the very talented singer Danette McMahon around Houston.
The demo is forthcoming...

The Texas Brass Ensemble - http://www.texasbrass.com
This is a brass quintet (two trumpets, horn, trombone, and tuba) to which they have added a drumset player. In addition to playing classical literature, the ensemble also plays original compositions featuring the sounds of the Gulf Region. You can find more information on the group and their latest album: The Sounds of the South , on their website.